Our Approach to Plan your Warehouse/Material Handling System

Warehouse Planning is not simply pouring a concrete slab, installing some Racks, and tilting up some walls. Nor is it a static , one-time activity. The changing , dynamic environment within which warehouses are planned quickly renders existing plans obsolate. Therefore, warehouse planning must be a continous activity in which the existing plan is constantly being scrutinized and molded to meet anticpated requirements. For a warehouse to accomplish its objectives, warehouse managers must consider the variable warehouse resources and mold them in to an effective plan. A succesful warehouse maximizes the effective use of the warehouse resources while satisfying customer requirements..

  • Developing the master plan: Our Engineers will identify and analyse the existing functionalities & develop master plan as per your requirement while keeping provision for future activities .
  • Space & Storage Plannig: Determine the spaces required for each functions and activities within the warehouse such as storage , docking ,manueuring inside the warehouse etc.
  • Material Handling Equipment: We reccomend you the best suited Material Handling Equipment for your warehouse for maximum productivity.
  • Developing Building Specifications: We reccomend you the best specificaitons for the building construction such as Length,Width, height, floor loading & Tolerences required.

After planning your warehouse a series of layouts will be generated to evaluate the best suited warehouse plan. We alsos advise you the best suited solution to comply your budget constrains and master plan.

Upon Confirmation and agreements, Logimech will schedule the execution plan as per the agreemet between client and us. Logiemch will also monitor every activity of the project with our installation team to assure the completion of the project up to standards and quality.